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~ Resident of Middle Tennessee age 16 and up

      Documented proof that you have been a

       resident of Middle Tennessee for at least one             year. 

  ~ Treatments Funded

         Intensive and non-intensive programs for speech and physical issues.

  ~ Approval

       Applicants will be asked to provide a note from a medical provider or therapist stating that they believe the applicant can                   benefit from this therapy.

 ~ Motivated to recover  

       Personal statement of why you are pursuing this grant.

  ~ Interview

       If selected for final consideration, applicant may be asked to participate in a 30 minute virtual interview with a member of the          grant committee.

  ~ Insurance will not cover the cost of treatment.

  ~ Proof of Payment

        You will be ask to show that you have already paid the amount you are asking us to match (up to $1500.00). This proof can                   come from either your records or the rehab facility itself.​  

What are our grants for?

Healing Heads Foundation works to provide grants to Middle Tennessee stroke or brain injury survivors to participate in intensive and non-intensive rehab programs. We offer match-based grants up to $1500. Funds will be paid directly to the rehab facility. However, if applicant is having difficulty raising the funds, contact us at for options. Applicants may apply once a year. Repeated grants based on eligibility and available funds. 

Apply Here:

Today's Date


Email Address


Residence Address*

Name and address of desired rehab

Estimated cost of program

Would your insurance cover this treatment

Select an option

Personal Statement

Names of two character references

Name of referring doctor or therapist*

* Please send proof of  residency  and both references to or mail to:                                                                       PO Box 3311 Lebanon TN 37088

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